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cPanel/WHM test license

Since it is not uncommon for organizations to set-up a non-public production-like test environment it will help if cPanel provides a test license possibility. This way the behavior of new cPanel releases can first be tested before the production deployment. Especially in combination with applications like WHMCS (billing automation software for cPanel/WHM servers), recently a partner of cPanel, the risks are higher and automatically results in the business requirement: test before taking into production. I am aware this is not exactly a feature, but I do believe that providing test licenses will help a lot of companies to fulfill the test requirement.

WHMCS provide test licenses, most domain registrars and payment gateways provide test environments so the only test environment in a production-like set-up that is missing is the core platform: cPanel.

Note: this is not the same as the cPanel development licenses. These are only provided for actual development to the cPanel platform.

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Nathan Lierbo Posted 2 years ago

We offer 15 day trial licenses so that users can ensure that cPanel & WHM fits their requirements and needs. You can read more about our trial licenses and the required qualifications on our website at

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Hi Nathan, the trail license is not what I meant. This is only 15-days. A production-like test environment should be available unconditionally since the purpose is to test updates and not just a primary installation. Besides, the trail license is only supplied once by cPanel.


I am interested in this as well. We are developing a test environment and need to have cPanel on the test machines.


15-day trial will expire and won't let you re-activate it for the same ip, so if we want to check a new feature or configuration before applying it on our production servers we need to install cpanel on a new machine and repeat the same action every time we want to test something.

test license without time limits would be a better solution. Just limit such licenses to 10 accounts, 10 e-mail accounts, 10 domains etc (there is just no point installing cpanel to manage 1 website with 10 e-mails accounts)

but it should work exactly the same way as the paid license version

so test licenses will be used for test purposes only

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We offer development licenses for the purposes described herein. Please contact cPanel's customer service for more information regarding development licenses.

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