cPanel & WHM Version 84 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Revert to MySQL from MariaDB Migration

Open Discussion WebJIVE Database Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by John H.
46 votes

Multiple cPanel Logins (cPanel Subusers)

Open Discussion Nathan L. Accounts Comments: 163 Reply 11 days ago by jmginer
529 votes

Convert cPanel Account to Addon Domain

Open Discussion Carlos A. Accounts Comments: 9 Reply 20 days ago by Menelaos p.
155 votes

API or Script to edit apache configuration

Open Discussion Tim D. API Comments: 4 Reply 6 days ago by Rodrigo R.
11 votes

Support for RHEL 8 and CentOS 8

Open Discussion Andrew Core Services Comments: 16 Reply 19 days ago by Gregory Y.
60 votes

Disable Remote MySQL in cPanel

Open Discussion Accounts Comments: 10 Reply 43 days ago by j p.
51 votes

MySQL 8.0 Support

Open Discussion Jonathan W. Database Comments: 21 Reply 10 days ago by Peter H.
152 votes

Export dns zone file option in WHM

Open Discussion spaceman DNS Comments: 13 Reply 16 months ago by Mikko K.
60 votes

Split backup archives into smaller files

Open Discussion Petru Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 6 Reply 3 years ago by Breeze A.
17 votes

ModSecurity v3 Support

Open Discussion cPanelMichael Security Comments: 1 Reply 21 days ago by Syneic
19 votes
4 votes

Keep ace editor settings changes

Open Discussion Mirela Accounts Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Mike
12 votes

Ability to download the CpHulk History reports

Open Discussion Raul R. 7 days ago Security No Comments
1 vote

Allow to exclude certain mount points from virtfs

Open Discussion andrei_p Networking Comments: 1 Reply 11 days ago by Eftimie A.
5 votes

Reseller AutoSSL interface

Open Discussion Mike Security Comments: 6 Reply 9 months ago by
37 votes

Spam Prevention

Completed Dean Email Comments: 2 Reply 4 years ago by Kenneth P.
2 votes

Timestamps in the Backup Logs

Completed cPanelMary Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 5 Reply 4 years ago by Kenneth P.
20 votes
9 votes

FTP user on subdomain creation-option

Open Discussion LucasRolff 4 years ago Core Services No Comments
1 vote

Paper Lantern Branding Editor Like X3

Not Planned PCZero 4 years ago User Interface No Comments
1 vote
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