213 votes

PHP7 support

Planned GOD HTTP Comments: 36 Reply 2 days ago by wrender
26 votes

Allow users to install websites from version control

Open Discussion Jacob B. User Interface Comments: 9 Reply 4 days ago by cPanelAdamF
4 votes


Open Discussion Feature I. DNS Comments: 107 Reply 5 days ago by noctur
405 votes

Greylisting -- requesting enhancements

Open Discussion mtindor Email Comments: 61 Reply 1 day ago by feanorknd
10 votes

Ability to disable 'unlimited' email quotas

Open Discussion LDHosting Email Comments: 36 Reply 3 days ago by TCB13
60 votes
4 votes

Support for AWS RDS as Remote MySQL Server

Pre-Release auschef Database Comments: 12 Reply 1 day ago by Alex G.
18 votes

Disable Email Accounts

In Progress Osama T. Email Comments: 72 Reply 5 days ago by José A.
118 votes

Daily email summary of BoxTrapper Review Queue

Open Discussion Joel W. Email Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Andrew R.
3 votes

SSL certificate per domain on all services

In Progress Nathan L. Core Services Comments: 58 Reply 5 days ago by Stefan B.
248 votes

Limit inode usage.

Open Discussion darrencain Accounts Comments: 13 Reply 1 week ago by Metro2
16 votes

Backup to Google Drive/Dropbox

Open Discussion rclemings Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 189 Reply 1 week ago by dhaupin
209 votes

nodejs Hosting

Needs Feedback Ahmad A. Core Services Comments: 24 Reply 1 week ago by John N.
84 votes

Enable Greylisting in WHM, but Disable per Default for the customer

Open Discussion Martin M. Email Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Jcats
1 vote

Box Trapper Alternative

Needs Feedback bxy Email Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Tango
2 votes

Confidentiality notice for all outgoing emails

Open Discussion bathiya t. Email Comments: 9 Reply 6 days ago by Rmarmorstein
7 votes

Enable mod_userdir when using mod_ruid2

Open Discussion Logan B. HTTP Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by Nirjonadda
3 votes

Active-Active Redundancy or High-availability

Open Discussion Michael K. Core Services Comments: 32 Reply 1 week ago by Farhan I.
129 votes
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