cPanel & WHM Version 80 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Support for RHEL 8 and CentOS 8

Open Discussion Andrew Core Services Comments: 6 Reply 9 days ago by cPanelTabby
16 votes

Concurrent backup processes.

Needs Feedback Accounts Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by Monarobase
2 votes

DNSSEC support in Clustering

Open Discussion DNS Comments: 51 Reply 25 days ago by Metro2
246 votes

Email Security Policy - Force email password changes

Open Discussion MikeDVB Accounts Comments: 15 Reply 8 months ago by Sairam V.
65 votes

More selective backup restore options

Open Discussion jmginer Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 2 Reply 5 days ago by John H.
1 vote
4 votes
2 votes

Change root password in WHMDNSOnly

Open Discussion Vladislav K. Security Comments: 3 Reply 8 months ago by Elijah D.
5 votes

install plugins roundcube

Open Discussion coriaweb User Interface Comments: 8 Reply 4 days ago by David P.
17 votes

Disable Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

Open Discussion Brad J. 12 months ago Email No Comments
5 votes
5 votes

Disable Plus Addressing Globally from WHM

Open Discussion cPanelTabby 26 hours ago Email No Comments
3 votes

Disabling PHP for an account or reseller

Open Discussion Nathan L. Accounts Comments: 7 Reply 7 days ago by Volodymyr P.
19 votes

Notification on change of WHM root password

Open Discussion spaceman 3 days ago Core Services No Comments
1 vote

Configure Remote Service IPs API

Open Discussion cPanelKyle API Comments: 1 Reply 9 days ago by andyf
5 votes

Restore from remote backups

In Progress DanH42 Backups, Restores & Transfers Comments: 32 Reply 19 days ago by Jim C.
199 votes
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