cPanel & WHM Version 92 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Multiple cPanel Logins (cPanel Subusers)

Open Discussion Nathan L. Account Administration Comments: 183 Reply 26 days ago by dhaupin
605 votes

Email filter action "Mark as Read"

Open Discussion Travis E. Email Comments: 3 Reply 8 months ago by Jed O.
26 votes

scheduled email forwarding like autorepsonders

Open Discussion Ali B. 3 years ago Account Administration No Comments
2 votes

Install cPAddon Site Software via CLI or WHMAPI

Open Discussion Duke C. 3 years ago Developer Experience No Comments
7 votes

MariaDB 10.5 support

Planned B. K. Databases Comments: 16 Reply 41 days ago by cool_recep
66 votes

Restore from remote backups

In Progress DanH42 Backups Comments: 40 Reply 6 months ago by Santiago G.
237 votes

Support for Bhyve as a Cloud VPS instead of Metal

Open Discussion Mark G. Comments: 1 Reply 10 days ago by Mark G.
8 votes

Backups - encryption of backups (symmetric and asymmetric)

Open Discussion lorio Backups Comments: 6 Reply 21 months ago by cPanelTabby
83 votes

Add grey listing/delay filtering

Completed ChicagoLinux Email Comments: 17 Reply 5 years ago by cPMatthewV
17 votes

SSH direct root logins are permitted

Open Discussion Nirjonadda Account Administration Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by TCB13
4 votes

Verbose subject lines in my backup failure emails

Open Discussion Feature I. 9 years ago Backups No Comments
7 votes

awstats like stats for whole server

Needs Feedback MadroosterTony 5 years ago Site Performance Analytics No Comments
7 votes

Paper Lantern - Remove Documentation Link

Open Discussion PCZero 6 years ago No Comments
1 vote
2 votes

BIND Logging that doesn't block DNS requests

Open Discussion Feature I. 10 years ago Domain Management No Comments
7 votes
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