cPanel & WHM Version 108 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Webmail 2FA

Open Discussion Mike A. Email Comments: 36 Reply 3 days ago by Unnamed U.
219 votes

Multifactor Authentication on cPanel

Needs Review Hosting S. Security Comments: 3 Reply 47 hours ago by cPRex
1 vote

Bulk transfer accounts as reseller

Open Discussion Backups Comments: 9 Reply 15 hours ago by Ryno V.
52 votes

MariaDB 10.11 support

Planned B. K. Databases Comments: 5 Reply 22 hours ago by cPRex
4 votes

Supporting Almalinux 9

Needs Review Daniel c. Operating Systems Comments: 4 Reply 2 days ago by spaceman
15 votes

Redirects improvements (.htaccess)

Open Discussion Silent N. Domain Management Comments: 2 Reply 18 months ago by Monarobase
10 votes

Two factor authentication enforcement

Open Discussion Jihad A. Security Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by MidnightFalcon
12 votes

Implement ZFS Support

Open Discussion Tony H. File Management Comments: 4 Reply 23 months ago by Aila
28 votes

cPanel support for Node.js v.18 or later

In Progress Focusagency Web Servers Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by Karlstens
2 votes

Change FTP Accounts directory

Needs Review erik g. 47 hours ago File Management No Comments
1 vote

Restore from remote backups

In Progress DanH42 Backups Comments: 42 Reply 7 days ago by James F.
266 votes

Security advisor and imunify360

Needs Review Unnamed U. 10 days ago No Comments
2 votes


Open Discussion jonbayer Email Comments: 7 Reply 9 months ago by Alejandro L.
67 votes

Ability to backup my data over sftp

Completed Feature I. Backups Comments: 4 Reply 9 years ago by Aila
33 votes

BIND Logging that doesn't block DNS requests

Open Discussion Feature I. 12 years ago Domain Management No Comments
7 votes
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