cPanel & WHM Version 114 has been released, and brings a slew of great updates. Take a look at what is included, and then upgrade today!


Main Domain to use a subfolder like addon domains

Open Discussion Feature I. Domain Management Comments: 95 Reply 2 years ago by ashi p.
183 votes

Restore from remote backups

In Progress DanH42 Backups Comments: 43 Reply 4 months ago by Premier W.
274 votes

Active-Active Redundancy or High-availability

In Progress Michael K. Comments: 27 Reply 10 months ago by cPanelLauren
436 votes

Notification when SSL is expired

Already Exists Masta Security Comments: 3 Reply 7 days ago by Masta
2 votes

cPanel support for Node.js v.18 or later

Completed Focusagency Web Servers Comments: 4 Reply 14 days ago by cPRex
3 votes

Make account transfer logs uniform

Needs Review Monarobase 3 days ago No Comments
1 vote
23 votes

each mysql database size or totally

Open Discussion Kweav Databases Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Hargreaves S.
21 votes

Enable document root change for primary domain

Open Discussion Mujeeb R. 3 years ago Domain Management No Comments
22 votes

Let user choose "main domain" document root

Not Planned RonanRBR Domain Management Comments: 2 Reply 15 months ago by Michael-IDA
2 votes

Ability to backup my data over sftp

Completed Feature I. Backups Comments: 4 Reply 10 years ago by Aila
33 votes

BIND Logging that doesn't block DNS requests

Open Discussion Feature I. 12 years ago Domain Management No Comments
7 votes

cPHulkd to better mitigate Brute Force Attacks

Completed Feature I. Security Comments: 10 Reply 8 years ago by cpanelnick
22 votes

Ability to set the umask for cPanel's File Manager

Open Discussion Jeff S. File Management Comments: 5 Reply 9 years ago by Henri
22 votes

Verbose subject lines in my backup failure emails

Open Discussion Feature I. 11 years ago Backups No Comments
7 votes

Ability disable menu scroll in WHM GUI

Open Discussion PPNSteve 10 years ago Account Administration No Comments
1 vote
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