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Disk Warning - Exclude

In Progress Nick P. Developer Experience Comments: 11 Reply 28 hours ago by Macs R.
7 votes

LDAP authentication

Open Discussion Kaven G. 11 months ago Email No Comments
9 votes

Webmail 2FA

Open Discussion Mike A. Email Comments: 29 Reply 3 months ago by Gregory Y.
136 votes

UAPI password reset to take password_hash

Open Discussion James H. 2 years ago Developer Experience No Comments
2 votes

IPv6 & IPv4 cookie validation

Open Discussion zstergios Security Comments: 1 Reply 18 days ago by Adam R.
5 votes

Add support for mod_pagespeed to easyapache4

Completed wouta Web Servers Comments: 50 Reply 5 months ago by Greg
125 votes

Ability to add sheduled/recurring auto responders

Open Discussion Gary O. Email Comments: 11 Reply 22 months ago by John H.
24 votes

Site Seal for cPanel Sectigo AutoSSL

Needs Review Metro2 3 days ago Security No Comments
1 vote

Using git from within cPanel for non-ssh users

Open Discussion Ahmad A. 8 years ago Account Administration No Comments
13 votes

SFTP logging support for my users with noshell

Open Discussion Feature I. File Management Comments: 1 Reply 6 years ago by PioneerWebsites
29 votes

Groups for password protected directories

Open Discussion Feature I. 9 years ago File Management No Comments
7 votes
2 votes
16 votes

Keep documentRoot in userdata after migration.

Open Discussion PH-Jay 8 years ago Migrations No Comments
5 votes

Change email username

Open Discussion darksky Email Comments: 2 Reply 6 years ago by Jare
10 votes

Rails 3.x

Open Discussion Travis E. Web Servers Comments: 14 Reply 6 years ago by dlherrin
42 votes

Have an option to use tmpfs for /tmp in securetmp script

Open Discussion Brendan H. 6 years ago No Comments
2 votes
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