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What do the different Statuses mean?

The different statuses, found in the upper-right when viewing an idea, are used by cPanel to indicate the current state of the feature request.  Here's a quick key to understand what each of the Statuses means:

Needs Review

Ideas with the 'Needs Review' status are brand new and have not been updated since their submission. Ideas start with this status by default.

Open Discussion

Ideas wear the 'Open Discussion' status to indicate that idea has not been distilled down to a proposed solution or action item yet and needs more discussion and brainstorming. This is also the status that an idea will stay in until it is picked up by a development team.


Ideas with the 'Planned' status have been committed to by cPanel in a specific version of cPanel & WHM. There will be an update from a team member at cPanel to disclose as much detail as possible in the comments section.

In Progress

Ideas with the 'In Progress' status are being actively developed right now by a team at cPanel. Continued discussion is encouraged and you should expect team members to actively engage with you about specifics.


Ideas with the 'Pre-Release' status are available for review in the EDGE release tier. You should consider installing EDGE onto a non-production server and evaluating our progress.


Ideas with the 'Completed' status are available right now in release tiers other than EDGE. While more discussion isn't prohibited on these ideas, you should consider opening new Feature Requests if there is something about the implementation that needs to change.

Not Planned

Ideas with the 'Not Planned' status should be considered rejected until otherwise refined. Consider clarifying your idea further or pursuing another idea entirely.

Already Exists

Ideas with the 'Already Exists' status are available right now using currently released features in cPanel & WHM. If your feature request has been given the 'Already Exists' status, please review our documentation or forums for how to achieve your goal using the current version of cPanel & WHM.

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