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Customize the left side bar of the Jupiter Theme

Needs Review AstonishedMan Comments: 6 Reply 3 days ago by Jukka J.
9 votes

Webmail 2FA

Open Discussion Mike A. Email Comments: 28 Reply 40 days ago by Monarobase
190 votes

cPanel & WHM Mobile Apps

Needs Review Bahaeddine E. Comments: 1 Reply 20 hours ago by cPRex
1 vote

Support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Planned Charlie P. Operating Systems Comments: 2 Reply 59 days ago by Recep B.
6 votes

WHM Theme - Dark Mode

Open Discussion Technicare I. Account Administration Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by Tomas G.
38 votes

Pale WHM interface

Open Discussion jarinokovac Comments: 5 Reply 5 days ago by Ridgehead
2 votes

Disable inserts/updates for databases once a user reaches their quota

Open Discussion virmix Databases Comments: 7 Reply 2 years ago by Dejan
73 votes

SpamAssassin Bayes training via Cpanel

Needs Feedback lorio Email Comments: 12 Reply 8 months ago by Koree A.
54 votes

Manage backups of terminated accounts

Open Discussion Nathan L. Account Administration Comments: 31 Reply 17 months ago by mindnet
85 votes

Seperate options to retain backups on different locations

Open Discussion Erjen Backups Comments: 15 Reply 7 days ago by dkTronicsCL
59 votes

DKIM support for custom selector

Open Discussion Estel T. Email Comments: 14 Reply 20 months ago by Shawn H.
54 votes

Allow Null MX records

Not Planned Dennis S. Domain Management Comments: 1 Reply 17 days ago by cPanelDustin
1 vote

Add API method to get an account transfer status

Already Exists Monarobase Comments: 2 Reply 16 days ago by Monarobase
1 vote

Allow users to change their own password in Webmail

Already Exists James S. Email Comments: 3 Reply 17 days ago by James S.
1 vote

Remove advertising from inside WHM

Needs Review cPRex 2 days ago Account Administration No Comments
2 votes
2 votes
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