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Support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Planned Charlie P. Operating Systems Comments: 4 Reply 26 days ago by Robert M.
12 votes

Bulk transfer accounts as reseller

Open Discussion Backups Comments: 6 Reply 9 days ago by Daniel c.
52 votes

Rename email accounts

Open Discussion 6 years ago Account Administration No Comments
31 votes

Configure SPF subdomain

Open Discussion John C. 3 years ago Email No Comments
2 votes

new hook: dns zone modification

Open Discussion Jerald D. Developer Experience Comments: 7 Reply 6 days ago by Monarobase
47 votes

AutoSSL fail-over

In Progress Wesley H. Security Comments: 8 Reply 7 days ago by swbrains
28 votes

Disable cPanel ELevate warnings

Needs Review cPRex 11 hours ago Operating Systems No Comments
1 vote

Email forwarder (creation) notification

Need More Information Xristos K. Email Comments: 2 Reply 9 months ago by Xristos K.
5 votes

Statistics Software: GoAccess as Option

Open Discussion TCB13 Site Performance Analytics Comments: 5 Reply 3 years ago by John H.
57 votes

Import GoDaddy Zone Files

Needs Review WebJIVE 29 hours ago Server Management No Comments
1 vote

Supporting Almalinux 9

Needs Review Daniel c. Operating Systems Comments: 1 Reply 9 days ago by Daniel c.
6 votes

WHM Interface Improvements - Reorder menu items

Open Discussion sawbuck 6 years ago Account Administration No Comments
5 votes

Exim's "hosts_avoid_pipelining" to configurable

Needs Review Tat S. 2 days ago Email No Comments
1 vote

Separate Fields for SSL CA Bundle keys

Needs Review Jason H. 2 days ago Security No Comments
1 vote

Enable libheif support in ImageMagick

Needs Review cPRex 5 days ago Web Applications No Comments
1 vote

Adaptive Dark Mode Across WHM & cPanel

Planned Ridgehead Comments: 2 Reply 14 days ago by Roberto T.
5 votes

BIND Logging that doesn't block DNS requests

Open Discussion Feature I. 12 years ago Domain Management No Comments
7 votes
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