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rsync with new backup system

Completed kernow Backups Comments: 8 Reply 5 years ago by benny
46 votes

Immediate Transfer of Remote Backup Archives

Completed PbG Backups Comments: 17 Reply 6 years ago by benny
44 votes

Split backup archives into smaller files

Open Discussion Petru Backups Comments: 6 Reply 6 years ago by Breeze A.
19 votes

Backup Destination FTP with SSL/TLS support

Open Discussion lorio Backups Comments: 14 Reply 3 years ago by benny
63 votes

Complete Amazon S3 Backup Solution

Open Discussion Julio B. Backups Comments: 12 Reply 4 years ago by benny
90 votes

Being able to auto delete remote backup

Completed Lucas R. Backups Comments: 1 Reply 7 years ago by cpanelphil
6 votes

Seperate options to retain backups on different locations

Open Discussion Erjen Backups Comments: 14 Reply 2 years ago by Steven S.
59 votes

Add tarsnap as a Backup Destination

Open Discussion t.robotham Backups Comments: 1 Reply 5 years ago by ThinIce
5 votes

Allow backups transferred to Amazon S3 to specify storage class

Open Discussion Ryan Backups Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by 7445678710aBc
24 votes

Each cPanel user has password protected backup space on remote server

Open Discussion postcd Backups Comments: 1 Reply 6 years ago by lorio
2 votes

Backup Configurations - Select ethernet device for remote backups

Open Discussion Jared P. Backups Comments: 5 Reply 6 years ago by Jared P.
2 votes

Add remote backup destination OpenStack Object Storage SWIFT

Completed Hugo V. Backups Comments: 7 Reply 4 years ago by benny
13 votes

Confirm backup destination delete

Completed benny Backups Comments: 2 Reply 5 years ago by benny
1 vote

Queue backups for Upload to FTP destinations

Open Discussion benny Backups Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by ispweb
14 votes

AWS S3 Backup to support concurrent uploads for faster transport

Open Discussion Peter W. 2 years ago Backups No Comments
3 votes