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Search Results (17) - "Tag: database"

68 votes

Grant "EVENT" MySQL privilege for user/schema

Archived Kurieuo Databases Comments: 1 Reply 8 years ago by cpanelnick
11 votes

Add mysql user to db improvement

Archived xxxmicrobexxx 9 years ago Databases No Comments
2 votes

API for Databases Only and Files Only Backup

Open Discussion dezio 9 years ago Developer Experience No Comments
3 votes

Spamassassin Bayes data in a clustered environment

Archived cPdans 9 years ago Email No Comments
10 votes

Store mail data in MySQL database

Open Discussion Dean W. Databases Comments: 3 Reply 7 years ago by Tcalp
7 votes

Stop restarting mysql on migrations/transfers

Open Discussion ga2host 7 years ago Databases No Comments
6 votes

Graph Database Support Like Neo4J or OrientDB

Open Discussion Paul C. Databases Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by Benj A.
7 votes

Separate number of DBs in MySQL and PostgrerSQl

Open Discussion Zoran T. 6 years ago Databases No Comments
4 votes

Support for Microsoft SQL Linux Version

Open Discussion Tony H. Databases Comments: 2 Reply 3 years ago by Yushell D.
10 votes

each mysql database size or totally

Open Discussion Kweav Databases Comments: 1 Reply 22 months ago by Hargreaves S.
15 votes

Remote MySQL per user basis

Open Discussion nike.stars 5 years ago Databases No Comments
8 votes

Add MariaDB 10.3 support

Completed Adarsh M. Databases Comments: 12 Reply 3 years ago by benny
49 votes

Linking Exim to a MySQL database to manage conditions for delivery

Open Discussion Timothy 3 years ago Email No Comments
1 vote

As a Admin I want to Backup only Database and not whole website.

Open Discussion Raj J. 3 years ago Backups No Comments
2 votes

Exclude domains in bulk

Open Discussion william a. 2 years ago No Comments
1 vote