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IPv6 support

Archived Feature I. Comments: 74 Reply 3 years ago by benny
437 votes

IPv6 dedicated IP for sites with shared IPv4 address

Open Discussion intermelt Domain Management Comments: 2 Reply 8 years ago by Arjen E.
12 votes

Support IPv6-only

Open Discussion Rachid A. Account Administration Comments: 7 Reply 5 years ago by pointaction
40 votes
5 votes

Support for IPv6 address as Main Shared IP

Open Discussion Santosh Web Servers Comments: 19 Reply 4 years ago by Nathan P.
55 votes

IPv6 Address Pooling (non-contiguous IP ranges)

Needs Feedback Monsta_AU Account Administration Comments: 4 Reply 8 years ago by Monsta_AU
9 votes

IPv6 Support in DNSONLY

Open Discussion Michael F. Domain Management Comments: 9 Reply 19 months ago by Michael F.
68 votes

IPv6 address support for Trusted SMTP IP addresses

Open Discussion Ross A. Email Comments: 1 Reply 7 years ago by Dmitry K.
18 votes

Support for IPv6 on SPF and account migrations

Open Discussion Silent N. Domain Management Comments: 4 Reply 6 years ago by Hosted P.
15 votes
11 votes

disable ipv6 per service

Open Discussion cPanelMary 8 years ago Web Servers No Comments
4 votes

IPv6 support for the rest of the services

Open Discussion Aila Web Servers Comments: 9 Reply 3 years ago by coriaweb
73 votes

Configure a default source route for IPv6

Open Discussion Marc W. 6 years ago Networking No Comments
3 votes

IPv6 in SPF records by default

Open Discussion Leon d. Email Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by Mike
20 votes

Enable IPv6 by default on account creation

Open Discussion James T. Account Administration Comments: 11 Reply 20 months ago by Christian B.
84 votes

Allow the allocation of IPv6 ranges to resellers

Open Discussion James T. 6 years ago Networking No Comments
11 votes

Allow the addition of overlapping IPv6 ranges

Open Discussion James T. 6 years ago Networking No Comments
5 votes

Specific IPv6 assignment (subdomains/nameservers)

Open Discussion Andrej W. Networking Comments: 1 Reply 6 years ago by cPMatthewV
12 votes

Expand listips WHMAPI 1 call to include IPv6

Open Discussion benny 6 years ago Developer Experience No Comments
4 votes

Backup Configuration support for IPv6

Open Discussion Kernow 5 years ago Backups No Comments
5 votes

sending mail via IPv6 / envoi d'e-mail via IPv6

Open Discussion Fréchin J. 5 years ago Email No Comments
19 votes

Replace / change IPv6 in transfer tool

Open Discussion LucasRolff 5 years ago Transfers No Comments
5 votes
8 votes

More granular control IPv6 address assignment

Open Discussion William B. 4 years ago Domain Management No Comments
4 votes

Display the assigned IPv6 in the client area.

Open Discussion coriaweb 3 years ago Account Administration No Comments
24 votes

IPv6 & IPv4 cookie validation

Open Discussion zstergios Security Comments: 1 Reply 17 months ago by Adam R.
7 votes

Exim with IPv6 enabled

Open Discussion GOLINE S. 2 years ago Email No Comments
5 votes

IPv6 / AAAA Troubleshooting Warning

Open Discussion Austin L. 23 months ago Domain Management No Comments
2 votes