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Sieve support for Dovecot

Open Discussion enboig Email Comments: 24 Reply 13 months ago by cPanelTabby
70 votes


Open Discussion Jose T. Domain Management Comments: 7 Reply 5 years ago by Orkut O.
14 votes

Store mail data in MySQL database

Open Discussion Dean W. Databases Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by Tcalp
6 votes

Smartermail Support

Archived chrisbuk Email Comments: 2 Reply 5 years ago by Andres R.
12 votes

Update Roundcube to 1.0.1

Completed webmastergreg Email Comments: 2 Reply 6 years ago by Kenneth P.
1 vote

Add AfterLogic Webmail Lite

Open Discussion Stefan P. Email Comments: 16 Reply 22 months ago by Spy B.
75 votes

Empty/purge an email account

Open Discussion Gregory B. Email Comments: 4 Reply 5 years ago by
5 votes

AutoSSL: Enable separately for mail or website.

Already Exists dkTronicsCL Security Comments: 20 Reply 2 years ago by Paul N.
25 votes

manage -etc-mailips

Open Discussion David H. 4 years ago Email No Comments
3 votes

Disable User Manager

Open Discussion Ron N. Account Administration Comments: 4 Reply 10 months ago by SVD
20 votes

Disable Mail Delivery Reports-Sent Summary For Resellers

Open Discussion Ahmad A. 4 years ago Email No Comments
1 vote

Disable Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

Open Discussion Brad J. 2 years ago Email No Comments
6 votes

Mailbox/FTP App Password or MFA

Open Discussion Petru T. 2 years ago Security No Comments
3 votes

Schedule for deleting old e-mails

Open Discussion Lewis F. Email Comments: 11 Reply 11 months ago by MichaelR
16 votes

Allow the use of Let's Encrypt for cPanel services

Open Discussion Monarobase 20 months ago Security No Comments
1 vote

Ability for a user to select a domain to be added to skiprbldomains

Open Discussion Iordache C. 17 months ago Email No Comments
5 votes

Option to disable IMAP per mail account

Open Discussion Hugo W. Email Comments: 1 Reply 13 months ago by BlogLogistics
7 votes

Enable DMARC support on exim

Open Discussion Héctor L. 3 months ago Email No Comments
5 votes

Feature that can automatically remove non exists domains

Open Discussion Stas 6 days ago Domain Management No Comments
1 vote

show mailbox quota by IMAP GETROOTQUOTA

Open Discussion cyon G. 6 days ago Email No Comments
1 vote