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Complete API so we don't have to be 2 whole days setting up each server

Albertus shared this idea 22 months ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like for all the manual tasks necessary for setting up a new server to be included in the API to make it possible to automate setup more easily.


Every time I have to set up a new server it takes a while because there are things that I must do manually such as:

Enable mod_userdir protection

Tweak compilers

Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection

Configure Background Process Killer

Set up Cluster DNS

Define DNS zone templates


These are things that we need to manually do every time; yes, you can use Transfer Tool to fetch this config from another server but sometimes we don't want or have the chance to do that so we need to do it from scratch and it'd be great to have everything integrated to your APIs so it's possible to have a proper automatization.

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