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make /etc/backup-exclude.conf global and /home/USER/.backup-exclude.conf local to said user

Joe Saladino shared this idea 22 months ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the backup program to be able to toggle whether to backup or exclude user files and global files not within user directories in order to provide greater control over backups.


The cpanel backup program is such a robust backup program, it is a shame that it cannot be opened up to include and exclude both user files and global files not within user directories.

In fact, it might be good to change the include/exclude to be two files like /etc/backup-exclude.conf and /etc/backup[-include.conf which are both global and /home/USER/.backup-exclude.conf and /home/USER/.backup-include.conf for user backups. It would also be well to have an /etc/backup-cpanel.conf for the files cpanel wants to backup to better protect those files from modification by users.

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