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Login IP Address Improvements

Caleb shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a cPanel administrator and user, I would like the following feature or improvement, so that more information is readily available to admin and users in the most intuitively and accurately labeled or documented way...

The cPanel interface contains information for the "Last Login IP Address" but this information is not accurately displayed nor is any reference made to the manual or the `~/user/.lastlogin` file which contains previously authenticated IPs and their first-seen timestamp. (the documentation doesn't even mention the timestamp as being the first-seen time - rather than a "last login" time as the file name would suggest!)

I would like to suggest that the interface and information be changed to be more accurate or informative to the users. At minimum add a link or tool-tip in the UI that references the appropriate documentation. The "lastlogin" file should have its contents aligned with its namesake, or be renamed to "firstlogin" since that is how the data is recorded.

The solution I would prefer here:

The UI field "Last Login IP Address" should be changed to "Current Session IP Address" and it should display the current session/user IP address(es) - including any "Forwarded-For" type headers that proxy services may set.

The addition of a section or page which displays the Last Login IP Addresses, the first-seen time and the last-login time for each IP could be useful to users and administrators alike.

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