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More helpful way to see where disk storage is being used up

spaceman shared this idea 22 months ago
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As a cPanel User, I would like a function to be able to more quickly and easily identify where disk storage space is being used on my hosting account.

The benefit of this is that I will spend less time clicking around folders, trying to work this out for myself.

Yes, cPanel already offers functionality such as "Disk Usage". But all that does is tell you at one, high level which folders are taking what amount of storage space. Once you click on one of those folders (e.g. public_html) from the report in "Disk Usage", all that happens is that it opens File Manager, showing you all the files and folders inside public_html. So you're still left guessing where the large amounts of storage are.

For a fantastic example of what a perfect world solution would be, try downloading the free version of Treesize for Windows:

You'll quickly see how it keeps on recalculating disk usage, even as you drill down into folders, sub-folders, etc.

I'd like to see Treesize or similar functionality built into cPanel.


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Happy to be proven wrong, but I -think- this already exists.

In the Disk Usage area of cPanel you can scroll to the bottom and there is a secondary listing where you can sort account folders by disk usage. If you click on the dropdown carats to the left of each directory, this sort will be honored as you drill down into subfolders, allowing to you to zero in on specifics.

From a UX perspective, its not a great implementation - as your request makes obvious. Im pretty certain this UI or one very much like it - is the same as cPanel has shipped with for around a decade. cPanel is plagued by antique interfaces that don't always make it obvious what functions exist and frankly there doesn't appear to be much of an appetite to modernize features like this beyond the occasional CSS and icon facelift.


Hi John,

Well, it looks like you're correct. Nice one! As you say, it's not a great UX, but at least it's there.



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