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Add Rainloop as an option to RoundCube and Horde

JGBRLABS shared this idea 3 years ago
Not Planned

As a webhosting provider, I would like to have Rainloop added as a standard mail option for cPanel because it has a more modern UI and customers love it.


Most of our customers prefer the Rainloop app over the others who come as standard on Cpanel.

Rainloop features a more modern UI compared to other email applications. We installed Rainloop for customers who don't like Roundcube and they love it!

The problem that we are unable to access maintenance accounts at our root level as the app is not natively integrated with CPanel like Roundcube. Every time we need to access the customer's account we have to ask for the access credentials.

We would very much like Rainloop to be integrated natively as yet another email app option within Cpanel. If this is not possible, guide us how to do the integration and we will do it here.

Thank you!

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Our I did not know these details! Thank you for reporting the topic. Now I understand why it was not implemented.

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