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Rename old backups before creating new one automatically

Myo Win shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like it if backups that run on different schedules but converge as the cycle overlaps could rename old backups instead of replacing them to avoid all of the backups being overwritten on the same file and possibly all having an error or issue when the backup dates converge.


As I have experienced this kind of disaster, I would like to avoid it in future. The disaster I mentioned is the converging of different backup schedules. Let's say I have scheduled 3 backups

  1. Daily backup (runs daily)
  2. Weekly backup (runs every Sunday)
  3. Monthly backup (runs on every 1st day of the month)

So usually, I will have 3 different backups to restore to if anything went wrong.

But when the 1st day of the month is Sunday (e.g; 1-Nov-2020), all backups schedules will run on the very same day and overwrite existing backups. Now, all 3 different backups became one and if that backup is not useable, restorable or not the version I want to restore to, I am doomed!

So, I would ONLY like the one backup schedule to run on this kind of day to avoid the disaster I mentioned. The feature should not limited to the example but instead it should prevent all possibilities of convergence. For example, convergence of daily and weekly, weekly and monthly, daily and monthly and so on.

This is a serious issue but logical and easy to implement. So, I really hope it is implemented soon.

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