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Transfer a website between two servers using (Transfer Tool)

Ahmed Hamdy shared this idea 18 months ago
Already Exists

As a System Administrator, I would like a feature improvement for the Transfer Tool.

If you would like to transfer a website between two servers using the Transfer Tool, there is a step needed to be changed its turn in the transfer process.

This step is the changing of the DNS record from the old server to the new server, I see that this process currently takes effect at the beginning of the transfer process, so the website becomes offline (showing a blank page) for a while until the transfer process is completed.

I advise changing the turn of this step (Changing the DNS record) to be the last step of the transfer process after transferring the website data to avoid this issue.

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This isn't how streaming transfers work and if you're seeing a different behavior I'd suggest you open a ticket with support. During the transfer, none of the zone files are updated until the transfer is complete and this is visible in the transfer log, it's a separate subtask that handles this after the data transfer itself is complete.

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