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WHM User Account Clustering

iExpertini shared this idea 3 years ago
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Dear team,

You guys are awesome with your technology and support. And my suggestion today is that we should have within WHM an option to create the cluster between different Servers of WHM to make the Nodes and go on fly with Clustering rather following online notes and breaking server.

It's a common fact every one of us who are SMEs with VPS/Dedicated hosting face the risk of lost of data and business if server resources got corrupted.

So indeed, if we can have clustering technology with WHM Servers it can ease us.

My Idea of Imeplementation Guide is:

1. WHM already has an awesome Transfer Tool >> It can be used with cron job to transfer DATA with auto sync between WHM Servers.

2. WHM also have DNS Clustering >> If it can be used here to point both WHM Server for the domain.

Hope cPanel team can achive the User Clustering in a fly as much of the things already built in.

Really waiting to hear and see that awesome feature that can be really really helpful for people running SMEs like me.



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