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categories access privileges at cpanel

shuvo shared this idea 2 months ago
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Currently there is no user based privileges at cpanel. Like if we want to give different users to different privileges like some user will access only mail function some user will only access to web function etc. which is currently not available. if we give any cpanel access to any user he/she gets full cpanel access. This is not at all standard cpanel access privileges. Hope developer team will look into this matter and will make a solution on this.

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Can you detail this request further as this is done currently with the use of packages for accounts. You can assign features to specific packages and then assign those packages to your users based on what you would like for them to have access to.


This is good idea

For example if i need to give my client access on the Email Account section only, i don't need my client to access the File Manager or databases.

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