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IPv6 / AAAA Troubleshooting Warning

Austin Lowery shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a WHM administrator I would like for cPanel and / or WHM to display a warning when a domain has a AAAA record configured in DNS, but does not have IPv6 enabled for the account.

I would like this feature because it can be easy to overlook or forget about a AAAA record when troubleshooting. If the account does not have IPv6 enabled, the presence of a AAAA can be a troublesome issue to troubleshoot if you've not noticed that the AAAA record is in place.

A specific example is that AutoSSL will fail to issue certificates for a domain if it has a AAAA record in place, but does not have IPv6 enabled via WHM. It takes experience or a lot of troubleshooting to connect the resulting 404 error with the fact that IPv6 is disabled.

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