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Require Password For Special FTP Accounts Configuration File Downloads

MidnightFalcon shared this idea 18 months ago
Needs Feedback

Good evening.

The FTP/SFTP configuration files in cPanel are great and useful though Panic Transmit or Terminus are still missing.

However, downloading the Special FTP Accounts file should require the cPanel account’s primary account password.

Let's look at this scenario that has actually happened.

cPanel doesn't trigger any notification alert on S/FTP connects and still doesn't have a way of creating additional port 2083 accounts with fine-tuned privileges.

A customer ends up giving his or her developer access to cPanel, and the developer downloads this file.

After the developer has done his work and access to 2083 terminated, the developer can access data at will without anyone being the wiser.

This will occur whether the machine has a password disabled or not.

If anyone can download this file at will, it kinda negates the whole idea of the principle of least privilege.


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The file downloaded for FTP configuration does not include the password, but do note that when you're providing access to the Special FTP account you are providing access to the cPanel user's privileges. To resolve this you'd need to change the password for the user. If we're understanding this request properly, what you're requesting is better control over the login/authentication


Hi Lauren.

We are speaking as a hosting provider that offers cPanel to customers or uses cPanel for mass hosting.

As you already know, humans are still the weakest link any security chain.

So despite best effort to educate users, there are things that a server admin can't control and this is just one of them.

The best cPanel can do to help these kind of users (and admins to) will be to find a way to enforce and/or implement the time-tested principle of least privileges for access and authentications in cPanel.


  • make it possible for cPanel users to trace individual actions in cPanel instead of leaving it to root admins.
  • enforce linking cPanel accounts to mobile numbers since 2FA is often ignored.
  • add a banner that pops up when a cPanel user login telling that someone from a certain IP accessed his or her cPanel when he or she login instead of the current one that relies on cPHulk and disabled by default.

This along with re-authentication for download request will be a good place to start.

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