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Optimising / hardening cPanel & WHM for single tenant (dedicated) hosting

spaceman shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like to be able to optimise a server running cPanel & WHM for single tenant, dedicated hosting. The benefit is a "less is more" one.

By "optimise" I mean that I'd like to be able to easily remove or block all those features which are fantastic for shared, multi-tenant hosting, but are overkill, not-required, for a single tenant, dedicated server running, say, a single WordPress or Drupal site.

As a very long term user of cPanel & WHM, I recognise/believe that it's main function *IS* to provide a wide range of out-of-the-box services to assist with managing multiple websites on the same server. So it's entirely possible that my question doesn't make any sense, because maybe I'm asking for cPanel & WHM to be something that it's fundamentally not designed for?

Again, as a very long term user of cPanel & WHM, when a shared hosting client of ours asked for a dedicated single tenant service, it's natural for us to install cPanel & WHM for them. BUT honestly, it's feels like it's overkill to be using cPanel & WHM for this purpose. Sure, the site runs perfectly fine.... but from as purest "less is more" technical perspective, it feels like there's a hole masses of features and functionality that simply aren't required in this single tenant dedicated hosting scenario.

Perhaps there are other GUI packages like cPanel & WHM that are much more, out-of-the-box, focused on supporting single tenant hosting, i.e. with a strong focus on helping to ONLY turning on those features/functions that are required for single site hosting, and nothing more?

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