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Split account backup files into separate parts to limit file size

Martin eaps shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a WHM user and overview of many CPanel accounts, I would like a new feature for the WHM CPanel Backup system to set that complete account level backups are (optionally) split into two parts:

1) Account /mail/ folder (and other related files as required for email restoration)

2) All other account parts.

The reason is we often find when dealing with backups that we require to get website images or database contents from a backup file (Stored on a third party location) but the account.tar.gz file is many Gb; 24Gb and I need to edit a SQL file sized at 100Kb, so we need to download 24Gb and then open and explore to find 100Kb of SQL!

A huge saver for this would be to split the backup into two parts: emails and all else. So that the email content (95% of the 24Gb referenced above!) is saved as account-email.tar.gz and the rest of the account data is saved as account.tar.gz


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