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Allow to have separate web and email quotas when using cPanel mail nodes

Monarobase shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a webhost I would like to be able to set separate email and web quotas for accounts using mail only node so that I can offer cheaper email storage than web storage to my customers.

cPanel 94 sadly removes the ability to change a linked accounts quota in favour of a new distributed quota mode. This makes the mail nodes less useful for us as we have been waiting for the mail only feature so we can have seperate quotas.

We want to have the ability to offer for example 10GB web space and 30GB email space or maybe offer 5GB web space and unlimited email space but with a limit of 10 email accounts each limited to 5GB.

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Here’s another example of what this could allow :

20 mb hosting account and 1 x 5GB email account

This would allow to include a usable single email account that we could include with domain names.

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