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Customizaton of the new Welcome panel

ffeingol shared this idea 21 months ago
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The new welcome panel (being introduced in V94) seems interesting, but we have no control over it. It would be nice if:

  • We could totally suppress it (some hosts just won't want it)
  • Easily decide what Icons and text are displayed.

As an example, by default it's showing Creating an email and Site Publisher. We don't offer Site Publisher, so it looks funny with just one icon. We do, however, offer Softaculous and would potentially like to highlight some other links (our support tickets, knowledge base etc.)

The configuration of this should be as simple as possible The current process of adding sections / icons to those sections is fairly complex.

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I concur that as it's implemented now, this is very unwanted.

Don't get me wrong, I like WP-Toolkit. But we have spent years developing custom and automatic install scripts with Softaculous, and, we're not about to change anytime soon. (Even if we wanted to, it would be tremendous task on our part.).

Having WPToolkit available for people who know it and want to use it, that's fine. But pushing it as a main feature isn't going to work for us. We don't have a single KB article on it, and it's confusing our clients.

On a separate note, t's kinda sad the preferential treatment WPT is getting compared to Softaculous. We do need the ability to put our own components in here. I want to be able to add my "Wordpress Manager by" there instead, instead of having it hidden WAY down in the software tab.

So, yes, we need a way to configure this to contain elements popular for OUR business and OUR customers - not what cPanel thinks should be there.



This feature request has nothing to do with Wordpress Toolkit.


I definitely would like a way to disable the new "Welcome" feature globally via WHM.


I'm flabbergasted that this was not implemented with the exact basic features that this feature request is asking for.

- Scott


I second this idea, with the highlight to add an item in Tweak Setting to completely disable this panel.

In our use case, is completely unwanted and it only confuse end users.

Same happened with WP Toolkit. At first sight looks like a good idea, but on heavily customized sites, it's a complete annoyance. And we host hundreds of heavily customized sites, so we had to remove WP Toolkit from every server.

I know cPanel is trying to do the best to improve usability, but this was an immature idea. Now you gotta work it out.

Best regards.


I completely agree with @ffeingol and @Blue Presley

It is not correct to set such functionality of business clients by default and not to allow control. It is inadmissible.

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