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Backup transporter uses UTC and not local timezone

George Vardikos | HYPERHOSTING shared this idea 14 months ago
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As a NOC Partner I would like to have backup transporter use local timezone instead of UTC for FTP backups. We have UTC+2 as timezone and set backups to start at 00:30am in order to use off-peak hours. All backups taken before 02:00am local time are stored in the *previous* day since the system shows a backup on Feb 23 01:30am to be set as Feb 22 23:30pm. This causes confusion on the users which can't verify which restore point they want to use.

Cpanel has case CPANEL-31388 on this and in it is mentioned as a workaround to set backups on UTC time (for us at 02:00am local time).

The problem is that we have more than 90 servers and we want to spread backups on as many off-peak hours as possible in order to avoid storage load, but this ties our hands to lose 2-3 off-peak hours. I believe in other countries with UTC+3, UTC+4 or UTC+5 as timezone the problem will be worse, since they have less hours available for backup, without having backups split in 2 days (as restoration date).

In ticket 94265948 I was told

"The development team has reviewed the case and determined the change would require a full redesign of our backup transporter to support this. Due to this, no patches can be made on the existing feature and the case cannot be resolved."

I would like this to get fixed, I hope other affected users will upvote it!


George Vardikos

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