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Make cPanel Transfers to preserve mail Hardlinks, to avoid domains increase their size after it

Yuri Pugliesi shared this idea 16 months ago
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For a long time I have a strange problem.

When I make transfers os accounts from a server to other, many domains size simply increases. I always think that was some mistake made by quotas over the time and for many times I have to apologize to my costumers that their accounts size was not correctly showed. But one day when a transfer fail during rsync part and I manually complete it with rsync I noticed that the account size in the new server that become greater I new server even after the failed transfer, diminishes to the size from the origin server.

So I start to checkout why and I notice that because I always '-H' parameter in my rsync transfers in order to preserve mail hardlinks (the dovecot automatically hardlinks a same massage if it has multiple destinations in same server partition if it's using maildir in order to avoid waste unnecessary space and IOPS) but the cPanel transfer not.

So please add the Hardlink preservation during the cPanel transfers and incremental backups to avoid inflations of accounts after a transfer and restoration.

This probably is a safe easy to make adjustment in these systems. It's basically add a parameter to rsyncs.

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