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Feature that can automatically remove non exists domains

Stas shared this idea 19 months ago
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As Webhosting company we like to have feature that can automatically remove data from our services which are not any more in used example: non exists domains name, sites, e-mails etc...


User setup domain name "" 10 years ago. This domain name is not exists any more on our server last 5 year. We like to have feature that can detect if domain name in used, if it is it use any of our services (dns, www, mail etc...). If not then automatically send note to user and within example 30 days (can be set manually) will be removed automatically from our server.

We can get ~100 GB more spaces on our services if we start cleaning non exists - not in used contents.

We believe WHM servers will be more clean and faster then usual with this kind of features.

Something like that we have already detected using other systems.

Note: This feature will be great with combination with AutoSSL which will not checking any more non exists domains. Better, faster, less spam.

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