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SMTP Relays are also called Smart Hosts... but nobody knows that!

accularian shared this idea 14 months ago
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This is regarding document

After a long search as to why my brand new VPS server at GoDaddy would not send email, I discovered that they block port 25... as most providers do. I found out that I can use their SMTP Relay server and they gave me the address but could not tell me where to enter it into WHM.

A search of the cPanel Forums and Docs did not turn up the required secret but Anthony May, my support tech, pointed me to this document and I was able to enter the data in about 10 seconds!

I was searching for "SMTP Relay" which could not be found.

Could we possibly add the following phrases to this document.... .... "SMTP Relay", "SMTP Relays", "Port 25 Blocked" "Why can't I send email" "External SMTP Hosts", etc?

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