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Domain Parking for any Domain set to Name Servers

Michael Findlay shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a web hosting provider , I would like the addition of the "." zone to the Named as an option at either WHM or DNS Only level, so that domains that are registered and pointed to the name servers of a provider will automatically provide a page with details on until activated in the hosting network or pointed to another name server elsewhere.

I have managed to implement this using the following steps in my network -

Test using as a lookup against the server


Confirmed it does not effect other zones on the server.


Addition of the following to named.conf and named.conf.prerebuilddnsconfig

zone "." {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/domain.parking";
Zone configured with the following - 


; Hooble Domain Parking Template V1.0
@ IN SOA (
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
1209600 ; expire, seconds
300 ) ; minimum, seconds

; Name Servers
300 IN NS
300 IN NS
300 IN NS
300 IN NS
300 IN NS

; Domain Parking
* 300 IN A

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made an error or two in the first revision of the setup steps, see the github for accurate steps.


Hi Michael,

When a domain's nameservers are pointed to a cPanel & WHM server and the domain does not have a VirtualHost associated with it (i.e., it's not hosted on the server), it shows the default page. The only exception to this rule is HTTPS connections which apache by default serves the first SSL in the configuration file when the domain's VirtualHost does not exist, this is also modifiable though, and discussed here: file. The default page can be edited and customized to display whatever you like. I'm trying to understand what behavior you're seeing and trying to resolve when doing this currently?

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