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Add date-time field for the "cPanel Monitoring" email of a down service

Eitan Caspi shared this idea 14 months ago
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When a service seems down you send an email from "cPanel Monitoring", which is holding much data but is missing a field of date-time stamp when the email was created or sent.

For example, I may have a flow of similar emails like the above, when the only change in them is the accumulated field of "Number of Restart Attempts", but I cannot know when these emails were created or sent - so I don't know if it is a current email or possibly an old one that was stuck in some email queue and was eventually sent on a later time and now may not be relevant anymore.


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And please add next to the date-time stamp the time zone that was used for creating this value, so folks will know to match this value with their own time zone local value.

It will be even better if you can allow the WHM admin / root to set the time zone used for this value, and auto-adusting DST (Daylight saving time) for their selected location will be even much better. Thanks!

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