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Global email filter user interface enhancements

Fiedler shared this idea 2 years ago
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As we all know, battling spam is an ongoing process. I have built a lengthy list of global email filters and my capture ratio now around 5 to 1, which saves our staff a bunch of time. Spam campaigns from throwaway URLs seem to run about two weeks or so, but some URLs and companies are perpetual spammers. We also get spam sent to parked domains that don't even have email. The CPanel Global Email filter page, while useful, could be improved by adding some basic features.

Sorting functions need to be added.

Add columns for:

Date filter was created

Last date the filter was found to be True

Ability to categorize filters: URL, TLD, email address, invalid addresses, keyword/phrase, file attachment, etc.

The above additions would enhance management of filters since you can group similar filters and more easily judge their effectiveness

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We are definitely looking to enhance Email Filtering and Spam Filtering in the near future. We will definitely take these suggestions into consideration.


Koree A. Smith

Product Owner

cPanel, LLC

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