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Always show OIDC login options in the same order

Yehuda Katz shared this idea 4 months ago
Needs Review

As a cPanel end user with multiple accounts on the same server, I would like the OpenID Connect login options to always show up in the same order. For example, on one server, I can log in with Google or with cPanelID, but those options are not always in the same order. Once I choose the correct option there, if I have multiple accounts linked to one ID, they show up in different orders. Alphabetical order would make the most sense for the list of accounts, possibly with a separate option for the most recently used choices. For the OIDC providers, listing either alphabetically or allowing the server administrator to choose the order would be great.

Attached screenshots shows the login screen for the same server in two browser windows next to each other with the OIDC providers in a different order, then the different order of the linked accounts.

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