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WordPress Toolkit Maintenance Mode Enhancement

Kris shared this idea 12 months ago
Open Discussion

As a web-hosting provider and website administrator, using WHM/cPanel and the WordPress Toolkit, I would like to request an enhancement of the WordPress Toolkit's Maintenance Mode feature.

Currently, it does its job by prohibiting a visitor from accessing the site while enabled, but it also blocks administrators from accessing it. Most plugin-based maintenance mode features allow you to exclude backend access (including the wp-login and wp-admin) or to set excluded pages from a list. An example of this would be the WP Maintenence Mode plugin's exclude URL feature. Some plugins also allow you to restrict access to the excluded backend to only specific roles (e.g. Administrators, but not Contributors).

This would have the benefit of allowing administrators to still be able to access the site to perform necessary functions while in Maintenance Mode, where currently with the WordPress Toolkit you must disable the feature to make any changes to the site you cannot do from the WordPress toolkit dashboard

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