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Support for CentOS 8 Stream

Thomas Durbin shared this idea 22 months ago
Not Planned

After a lengthy investigation and discussions with Senior cPanel Support, CentOS 8 Stream and the upcoming release of CentOS 9 Stream are not currently supported by cPanel. See It is possible to install cPanel on CentOS Stream which is unsupported

Currently there are only a handful of operating systems that are supported by cPanel, CloudLinux (versions 6, 7 & 8), CentOS (7 & 8 [ EXCLUDING 8 Stream ] SUPPORT FOR 8 ENDS 12/31/2021), and AlmaLinux 8. CentOS 8 Stream is very similar to these systems since it follows the same development track. Support for CentOS 8 Stream shouldn't be too difficult to include.

Confusion has arisen with cPanel documentation because it does not specifically exclude CentOS 8 Stream as a supported operating system, but there is a buried support topic, as mentioned above, that covers lack of support. The installation of cPanel on CentOS 8 Stream will happen flawlessly, and from my testing, cPanel will have not problem functioning properly. The issues arise when it comes time to update cPanel as CentOS 8 Stream does not properly return what RPM's are failing to install. This makes it difficult to know what packages are required for the cPanel update to finish, causing a failed update.

A request has been filed with cPanel Documentation Team to amend the cPanel CentOS requirements to specifically make mention of the lack of support for CentOS 8 Stream: DOC-16679

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Thank you for your request. We will not support any of the Stream variants of CentOS at this time. At a later date, we intend to support Rocky Linux. The Operating Systems we currently support provide a wide range of benefits to our customers. More of our thinking on the suport of CentOS 8 Streams is available at,

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