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Improve DNS zone editor

anton_latvia shared this idea 6 months ago
Needs Review

As a system administrator and web hosting provider, I would like to see some improvements and adjustments to new DNS zone editor.

1. editing multiple rows. Well - I really had to look up for that "save all" button. If I can suggest - clicking "save record" should save that record and do some nice ajax job reloading that row, instead of reloading whole page.

2. Deleting multiple rows is a pain. Page reloads, scrolling goes to top - this should be done through checkboxes or using neat ajax thing to make row disappear on delete, so we could click on several.. But a checkbox to select and delete-selected would be awesome.

3. Adding new records.. just a matter of me, but would be awesome to have "add record" button on the bottom.. We kinda often scroll through records, to inspect those, that exist and end up at the end of the page. Before we had empty input boxes there.. Would be neat to have "add record" there as well.


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