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Respond with HTTP 503 on account suspended page

Philip shared this idea 9 months ago
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As a user I would like to be able to detect that a website is down if the cPanel account is suspended by checking the HTTP status code like a basic uptime monitor does. I know it redirects with a 302 but some uptime monitors will follow redirects if not disabled which a user might not want to do.

I believe it would be a nice little QOL for users/webmasters that use uptime monitors on sites across multiple cPanel accounts.

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The request here sounds a lot like you're asking for site monitoring, which I think is a fantastic idea. I'm curious, and would like to know which uptime monitors do you use currently? Are there other items besides HTTP status codes that you'd like to monitor?


For site monitoring we primarily use StatusCake. We also host cPanel servers and have had clients ask if it's possible to make the account suspension page return 503 instead of 200. I do not know which was the most common tool but it ranged from Google Monitoring and Pingdom to self-hosted tools like Nagios.

If you're thinking of creating a site monitoring tool yourselves then additional items that'd be great to have is page load time, specific content monitoring (like a string on the site) and SSL certificate expiry.


I voted for this feature, not because of monitoring but because I find a 50X error more SEO friendly and more user friendly than a 302 redirect. Not using a redirect but a rewrite rule to show that page associated with a 50X error would prevent users from being confused by the redirection.

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