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Display the average % of CPU usage in the Process Manager

Mathieu Jacques shared this idea 10 months ago
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I would like to be able to change some ways informations are calculated in the Process manager.

In a multi-Thread serveur the values displayed on that page are misleading because it shows the total amount of CPU% used instead of the average percentage used.

It's possible to do it via the terminal with a configuration file (.toprc) to disable the irix mode. When Mode_irixps=0 the percentage of CPU used is shown on average and it become way easier to understand those values without calculus.

It's also possible to do it using the "shift + i" command while the "top" command is displayed in the terminal.

cPRex confirmed that there is a lot more than just the "top" command called on the process Manager page so i'm not able to customize that myself. But i hope it wont be too complicated to add for someone knowing better those scripts.

Thank you!

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