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Reseller should see all features when switching to user account

123host shared this idea 13 months ago
Not Planned

As a server administrator, and technically, a reseller, I would like to have all features available when I jump into a user's cpanel.

For example, my customers with email only hosting don't have the file manager available. But sometimes when I am doing housekeeping I want access to the file manager while in their account. This might happen if the user downgraded from site hosting to email only hosting and I want to remove some hosting files.

Currently the only way to do it in cpanel would be to jump to WHM, change their feature list to site hosting use the file manager and then change it back to email only.

Perhaps there can be a new feature list addition "reseller" which can be configured to show features that a reseller will see that might not match what the user sees.

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I'm wondering if you can provide a bit more information on this. Which I can see this meeting your use case, it may actually be detrimental others who want to see the account as the user would see it (my situation is more to this degree). Are there other things beyond file management that you would need to expose while impersonating the user?


I clicked the link,

Error 401 No permissions to view this page!

I can't even see the topic in the feature request site.

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Apologies for that! I'm still getting used to working with the FR site. You should be able to see and respond now.


I guess it would be best if it would be switching to the user's view by default and then it noticing from the session that it has been launched by root or a reseller and have a button to enable all features in this session.

While we wouldn't use it, I see the file manager being useful if it was disabled for some users or if someone has an intricate feature setup and a client downgrades but the admin needs to make some changes to features that were previously set and are not available any more.?


Why does this still have the status "Need More Information"?

Basically it is the need for Access Control List on features, depending on user.

My client purchases Email only hosting, logs into cPanel, I want them to only see Email features, rather numerous standard irrelevant features.

But if I, as the super user (reseller), log into the same account, I want to see everything.

Hope this clarifies the request a bit more.





I think we could find a hybrid approach to this. One way I'm envisioning executing it is allowing expanding the availably features to match what the impersonator has access to, but indicating visually that the user does not have access to a specific feature. This isn't on our current roadmap, so I'm going to mark it "Not Planned" for now. We will come back here and update as we find a place on the roadmap for this.

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