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Publish/Log ALL changed files on update

Masta shared this idea 9 months ago
Need More Information

When Cpanel updates, multiple files are changed.

This triggers CSF/LFD for integrity checksum change etc. Currently we receive an email from CSF/LFD every time a file is changed, and there no way to control if these changes are legit or not.

If Cpanel would report a list of ALL the modified files in a CLEAR way, CSF/LFD or a human could compare the file list to ensure there is nothing to alert the administrator about.

This makes the report more important when they appear as this would mean that something illegitimate REALLY modified the system files.

It would be nice to collaborate with CSF/LFS team to make this a success.


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Would be nice if channel would allow other vendors to do the same like CloudLinux etc.


For files not managed by RPMs, each build is published with .cpanelsync files that contain checksums (I believe SHA based) for each file contained in the build. The "files changed" analysis will depend upon which build a system is being upgraded from. CSF and other vendors can consume the .cpanelsync files from our mirrors to know which changes are expected.



I wanted to check that Aila's feedback solved for your needs?

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