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File Manager File Level Permissions

Bryan Boone shared this idea 18 months ago
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I think it would be nice to be able to give file level permissions for cPanel accounts that have access to File Manager so they can only do certain things with certain files.

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I'd like to know more about this request.

1. Who would control these granular permissions?

2. Why are you trying to limit cPanel account access to files in their own directory?


Hi. Thanks for the reply. Answers below.

1. The root user would control the permissions for each account.

2. Due to different levels of expertise and experience from non-technical people who need access to files.

So the way that I understand WHM and Cpanel works, is that you login to WHM with root credentials. Then you can create Cpanel accounts. These accounts are basically just linux home directories and linux users. And these home directories contain all the files for the web application.

We have lots of customers who need to upload files via FTP, and these files need to be accessed by various people in our company who are non-technical. In order to allow employees to get the files from these multiple FTP accounts, we have to give them the credentials for the home directory which in turn gives them access to all of the FTP, but also all of the web application files as well. Which could be a bad thing. Someone with no knowledge of how things work, could log in and destroy the entire site.

So it would be nice if there was a feature in WHM where the root could create a user for the file manager and you could set permissions and directory access on this account.

Hopefully I explained that well enough.

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