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Support linking multiple parent nodes to single mail node

Samuel Adu shared this idea 9 months ago
Not Planned

As a web-hosting provider, I would like to be able to link multiple parent nodes to single child mail nodes.

Although I don't know the motivation for the current only 1-to-1 Parent-Mailnode limitiation, I think cPanel should not consider only what they stand to benefit from this limitation. cPanel license alone is not a factor for deploying servers for shared hosting. There are serveral other costs that come into play.

If I have a lot of unused storage space on mail node server, it should be possible for me to link another parent so that they can share the unused storage. This makes sense for a business, especially with the yearly cpanel license price increase policy, you should also take into consideration this feature as a way for a web host to offset the increase in your license cost in other areas like server costs.

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Many to one mail node is definitely something we have on our horizon. We are currently working in other areas to make that more feasible. The first two production stages "Standalone Mail Node" and "One to many" were never intended to be the final result, but were benchmarks we hit on the way that served specific groups. One of the big hurdles we need to work through is centralizing account information so that multiple nodes agree on the source of truth. Stay tuned and we will update with more information as we have it.


Yes this functionality would be incredible in terms of 'segmenting' our storage out also.

We are using NVMe storage for all our servers, yet it's completely illogical with mail data.

I would love to see this introduced, as we would likely have one or two mail nodes with large, SATA or SSD based storage to back our NVMe platform. This kind of segmentation would be perfect.



Thanks again for the feedback. I'm going to mark this not planned for now, but as we rework the future roadmap, I'll come back here to update.

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