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Need ability to set defaults for account creation options not controlled in the package

Pete Schaefers shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

Need the ability to set defaults for account creation options that are not controlled in the package manager.

Selecting a package (or the default package) when sets several settings for the new account, but some things are not addressed in the package manager. Examples would be the SpamAssassin setting, and the Spambox setting. (They currently default to checked, but that is not always desirable.)

Either give us a separate default setting control for these items, OR better still, add them to the package se we can set multiple defaults via different packages.

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Thanks for your feedback! I agree that this would be a good option to add to package management. As far as a global setting, you can tweak "Enable Apache SpamAssassin™ Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam" in Tweak Settings. Would this solve your problem?


For that one feature (SpamBox), yes, globally, but not SpamAssissin (and others), and package level control would be better/cooler. :)

So "already exists" isn't exactly the case...



Going to switch this to "Not Planned" to leave it open for further discussion since there's more that can be done here.

Dustin Scherer (he/him) | Product Owner | @dustinscherer

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