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Wordpress Toolkit - Bulk Enable / Disable 'wp-cron.php' Crons

Dennis Nind shared this idea 17 months ago
Needs Review

We have recently enabled the WordPress Toolkit, and have noticed the following option...


If this option is selected, all imported cPanel users have the following line amended in their wp-config.php file...

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

The above is set, and an entry is added to their crontab to run every 30 minutes.

However, when enabled in bulk (similar to the scenario that happened on one of our servers by mistake), this has a significant impact on CPU usage overall. Many sites that weren't regularly in use, were instead having their wp-cron.php invoked.

These massed to 50 - 80 calls per minute, which has a huge resource overhead.

We have disabled the checkbox above, but this hasn't helped resolve the issue as the existing ones configured remain intact.

It would be ideal, if it were possible to bulk revert this functionality.

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