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Improve Host Access Control to list all IPs for each name

XENOMEDIA shared this idea 18 months ago
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The new Host Access Control page has lost its ability to enter a name, rearrange and order IP's and names.

It would be nice if this feature came back to the Host Access Control page, because it used to be available in v86.x.x. Also, for security reasons, it would be nice if you could see which IP belongs to which name and visa versa. It would make it easier to check with other servers if the configurations are the same.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The inability to rearrange and order IPs and names sounds like a bug. I've opened this case on the backlog: CPANEL-40391

As for the request to see which IP belongs to which name: I've updated the request title and set this request to Open Discussion to see if there are others that would like to see this feature. We don't currently have plans to enhance this interface, however I am interested in knowing how important it is to everyone.

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