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Fix Forced LiteSpeed Dependency Disaster Bug

JAB Creations shared this idea 14 months ago
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After LiteSpeed was enabled on my server (maybe circa ~2 years ago?) I eventually discovered that it obliterated my Apache .htaccess rewrites. Obviously I've gone through all sections in WHM, specifically: EasyApache 4, MultiPHP Manager and MultiPHP INI Editor.

After I removed LiteSpeed I discovered after weeks of troubleshooting that the PHP extensions for it were causing problems in quiet tucked away areas that I occasionally depend on in time sensitive scenarios! Specifically php80-php-litespeed and php74-php-litespeed extensions in WHM / EasyApache.

Now after doing some completely non-related work I came across the LiteSpeed support extensions for PHP in WHM / EasyApache enabled! Though what was the absolute most atrocious thing is that they are now pointless anchors on the PHP versions themselves! Translation: if I remove the LiteSpeed support extensions breaking Apache .htaccess rewrites I require PHP itself will be outright removed! Not just the two dozen completely unrelated extensions I explicitly depend on for my platform. I can not remove LiteSpeed support extensions without crippling my entire platform! Either way Apache rewrites are broken, it's just a matter of an outright thermonuclear hell-scape or being forced to have a hot dumpster fire and telling customers that, "No, my server won't ALLOW ME to do what you need that I could have done before someone got lazy and screwed this up." That makes me look incompetent/indifferent for relying on cPanel!

This is explicitly not a feature request: it is a high-priority bug report! There is zero justification for forcing LiteSpeed support extensions to be required for anything except for LiteSpeed itself (which has been removed with extreme prejudice) and is a blatant and glaring signal that since this is on a stable build that multiple people knew and allowed this disaster to occur! If this is not fixed I'll be forced to not only abandon cPanel outright though also my host that seems to exclusively use cPanel and spend weeks having to correctly configure so many wrong-default settings that servers come with. I also now have to personally stop everything that I'm doing to babysit server upgrades and dig through release notes before I allow server upgrades. I can not express how absolute irresponsible and reckless this issue is and how large of an impact this has on my business.

Please do the right thing and fix this issue!

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Thank you for the information, after looking at this we believe this is unintended behavior. If you're still experiencing this issue could you please open a support request at

Thank you!

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