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Copy directories,files and dump sql files between accounts via whm/uapi

Bahadır BIYIK shared this idea 39 days ago
Needs Review

Recently we build a project that is using WHM & UAPI to create accounts and copy script files via skeleton directory which is working perfectly.

What challenged us is, after installing latest version of script we also needed to copy some resource files. These resources and sample SQL files are located in another account in same server, so we need to copy them to new account and dump SQL file.

It might seem kinda personal request but google search shows me that there are people looking for same feature as well.

We made it work by updating our script to pull resources but it would be easier if we can do it via API through reseller tokens.

I know that this can also be done with hooks but as far as i know hooks can not be attached to a reseller. So it runs everytime for any owner account.

Just an idea.

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