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Make inserted Google Analytics tracking at WHM, optional

Duplika shared this idea 3 months ago
Needs Review

Currently if you login to WHM, a Google Tag Manager script is inserted by cPanel to include some analytics code, as they explain here.

I've read this when it was first launched, always assuming it was optional and could be disabled by disabling cPanel Analytics, but this it not the case. Even by uninstalling it via /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/uninstall_cpanel_analytics makes the code stay.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that got confused with this, and I believe it might make people want to disable all Analytics alltogether, or gain negative attitude towards cPanel, totally unnecesary.

Would you mind considering adding the Google Tag Manager code optional, as part of your cPanel Analytics service, which helps you make a better product, and us enjoy it?

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We use the tag manager system you're concerned about to distribute the in-product survey found as a second slide-out tab in the bottom of the WHM interface for root accounts, not the analytics system.

I will discuss the request to make that survey optional with my peers, but I want to assure you that enabling/disabling or uninstalling the RPM as you describe does indeed remove your server's participation in our analytics system (procedures are documented here).

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