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Add Recursive File Permissions Option in Cpanel File Manager, and Editable TextField

Keygen shared this idea 34 days ago
Needs Review

Pretty self-explanatory. We need an option to do this. Could be a simple checkbox in the popup window that is set for the session or each time it opens.

[ ] change permissions recursively

It's also quite annoying not being able to just type in the number code for permissions. Having 3 boxes that are uneditable... meh. You can just give us an option in settings for "Simplified Permissions," or "Advanced Permissions," or whatever you like, so when the popup opens, we can have a single text field we can type in. You can leave the checkboxes and have them auto update if you like. Plenty of apps do this and have for years.

Point being, most of us can type 3 numbers faster than clicking checkboxes when we know what we want.

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