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SpamAssasin actions summary

Zonat Support Team shared this idea 8 months ago
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As a cPanel user, please send an automated summary of all detected spam to an e-mail address user specify (daily, weekly, monthly). Ideally one mail for all the e-mail addresses on the domain, but even separate ones for each e-mail address would be an improvement.

The summary e-mail should contain the following:

Number of detected spam mails

And then for each one

The entire "From" header

The entire "To" header

Actual recipient e-mail address

The entire "Subject" header

Both the "From" and "To" headers should contain the actual e-mail address

As regards the "To" header, this might not be the same as the e-mail address it was sent to, e.g. mailing lists that people consciously subscribe to. In this case, the actual recipient e-mail address on the domain should also be shown.

If the number of detected spam is zero, there is no need to send the mail.

Right now there is no such functionality and you need to check SPAM box on daily basis to catch false-positive.

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Updating this to open discussion to collect community feedback.

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